Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Parents,

I am happy to share the progress the children are making.  They are working to “grow” their brains as they tackle challenging problems in math, new letter combinations in language arts, the process of asking and answering questions in science, the understandings of family and school rules in social studies, and, most important, the concept of God’s infinite love for us in religion.  The concept of working to answer questions helps them to understand that they will grow as they figure things out.

One of the ways we can apply understanding to the real world is with a field trip experience.  Our first trimester trip will be to visit the Baltimore Museum of Industry on Key Highway and make connections between the world of work and the need for an education.  Watch for the permission forms and more information to come home next week.

Your ways, O LORD, make known to me;       
teach me your paths,
guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my savior.
R/ Remember your mercies, O Lord.                       Psalm 25

Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion- Our focus is on praise this week.  We will be discussing how we feel when someone praises us.  The children will then learn that prayers of praise celebrate God’s goodness.

Language Arts – The students will be doing the following: Phonics work: sh, ch (initial and final position), tch (final position) – Vocabulary: I, my, she, her, his, he, patch, the phrase “in a pinch”, understand synonyms –Comprehension skills : uses pictures and prior knowledge, recall story details, answer questions about a story, monitor comprehension by rereading, recognize plot: problem and solution, recognize rhyme and rhythm, answer questions about a poem–Writing skills:  The children will generate stories about feelings - Grammar : capitalize place names, understand and use pronouns, use correct punctuation to end sentences– Spelling: Memory words (see vocabulary above), -Study skills: identify and use a table of contents

Math – We continue working on understanding subtraction while finding the missing parts of 9, learning subtraction expressions and number sentences, as well as working on stories about taking away and comparing.

Science – The children will develop reasonable explanations for observations as they learn about the Maryland Luna moth.  They will explain what defines a living thing.

Social Studies – We will identify a map as a picture of a place as seen from above for study skill work.  The children will work on explaining why people make rules and why it is important to follow rules.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dear Parents,

Early Childhood Education (grades PreK – 2) is the time for your children to build a strong foundation of learning skills.  These skills include, but are not limited to: developing a spiritual awareness of God’s infinite love, learning the basics to reading and writing, learning how to persevere in order to solve a problem in math, learning that questions have many answers in science and social studies.  It is a joy and privilege to lead your children, alongside you, in developing these skills.  It is also a great challenge for all of us, parents, family members and teachers, which we lovingly accept.

Now that fall is trying to establish its presence, I would appreciate it if every piece of clothing (even shoes) is labeled.  I am sure you can understand the confusion when all of the children have the same clothing, albeit of different sizes, without identifying information.  We spent a good bit of time determining who belonged with which shoes when the children had an indoor recess and played Twister. Their new SAS jackets are just as easily mixed up in the coat room.  Thank you soooo much for helping out with this annual challenge.

Please note that homework in spelling will most likely begin next week.  As I noted in our recent Back to School meeting, the work being done at home doesn’t need to be sent in until the day of the spelling test.  I believe this will either be late next week or early the following week.  I will make a special note of this date for you as it

Let us pray this week for all students, that the Lord will enable them to grow in wisdom, understanding and virtue, for the glory of His name.

May God bless you and yours this week,
Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion:  The children will discover that we all learn in different ways as they come to the understanding that the word of God and the homily teach us to follow Jesus.

Language Arts: Phonics work -  sh/ ch/ tch  initial and final position/ pattern words     Vocabulary  memory words: I, my, she, her, he, his Spelling – memory words, plus pattern words from phonics focus: these include words beginning with sh and ending with ch and tch  Comprehension skills – use pictures and prior knowledge; complete sentences about a story; monitor comprehension; recognize plot ( problem and solution)   Writing skills  make a list of things  before writing; write to tell about something you’ve done   Grammar – understand and use nouns and pronouns      Listening and Speaking – follow oral directions; listen for details in song      Study Skills  - identify and use a table of contents

Math: We will revisit lesson 1-8 on Monday (problem solving using objects) before moving on to a topic test and performance assessment on Tuesday. We will begin a new topic, Understanding Subtraction, on Wednesday, if all goes well with the assessment.  The first lesson, 2-1 is finding missing parts of 6 and 7.  Thursday will bring lesson 2-2, finding missing parts of 8 and Friday, lesson 2-3 finding missing parts of 9.

Science: We will begin a unit in the life science track, Living Things.  There will be a discussion to determine the understandings the children bring to this topic, as well as a scavenger hunt outdoors for both living and non-living things.

Social Studies:  The children will be working on understanding that families teach each other.  A wonderful story, Jingle Dancer, will lead us into discussions of ways families interact when teaching each other.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dear Parents,
It was delightful to have so many of you join me last week for the second opportunity of Back to School.  I apologize for the computer mix-up – it was a quick fix, once I had a chance to think about it; the screen setting on my computer somehow ended up on a private setting! 

I continue to be impressed with the work ethic of your children.  They all try their best and are willing to take “chances” when we are working on a new skill.  This is a wonderful forecast for a successful year!

A thought as our country seeks to provide leadership in this ever changing world: Let us take a few minutes to pray for those who find freedom a struggle and to give thanks for the freedoms we have.  We should strive to remember that we are all equal in God’s loving eyes.

Have a blessed week!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion: We are beginning to develop an understanding of what being a Catholic means. The children will recognize the crucifix as a sign of Jesus, understand that our parish community gathers in church to celebrate Mass, and realize that Jesus is with us when we pray with our church community.

Language Arts: Phonics work - Blend sounds to decode words, identify rhyming words   Vocabulary – read memory words like, to, of, no, was, put, said. Understand meaning of closet and puck. Comprehension skills – associate pictures with words, use prior knowledge, draw conclusions, and answer questions about a story. Writing skills – Spell memory words: like, to, of, no, was.  Write sentences about a new snack.  Grammar – understand dialogue punctuation, form exclamation and question marks. Listening and speaking- listen for details in a story or song.
***Please have your child work on the bolded vocabulary/memory words.

Math: Skills covered this week include: introducing addition expressions and number sentences, making up stories about joining, adding in any order, and  problem solving using objects. If you would like to preview or review any of these lessons with your child using the Pearson Realize website, please note that I expect to be reviewing on Monday, then on Topic 1, lesson 1-5 on Tuesday, 1-6 on Wednesday, 1-7 on Thursday, and 1-8 on Friday.

Science: We will work on understanding that a model is a representation of an object.  A scientist uses a model when exploring questions and answers about a topic.

Social Studies: We will continue to explore the meaning of community as we discuss what it means to contribute to the well-being of our family (being a helper, following rules, etc.)