Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dear Parents,

We had a marvelous first week of school.  Your wonderful children, my students, are eager to learn and to do their best.  Congratulations on giving them the support and encouragement they need to do their best!

We have worked very hard on learning the ways of first grade and will continue to do so this week.  In an effort to keep from “talking” at the children all of the time, I have slowly introduced various kinds of work and interspersed the work with playful actions. We will continue to build on this “practice” for work time this coming week.  One result of taking this extra time to learn how to learn in first grade is that we work at a much slower pace and I am over-ambitious with my planning.  You’ll notice that the work, especially in language arts, is actually easier than what I had planned for last week, as I felt it appropriate to take a step back and review first. We are meeting the Superkids again!

Finally, thank you to all of the parents who were able to work on the St.Augustine Feast Day celebration.  All of the children were delighted with the fun-filled day!

Let’s keep our light shining to give Glory to God!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion:  We will be discussing belonging this week, starting with belonging to a family and moving on to the concept of belonging to a church community.  The responsibilities of belonging will be shared as we focus on the Character Counts! pillar of Responsibility.

Language Arts:  Language Arts: Phonics:  Print awareness:  identify capital and lowercase letters; Review letter sounds associate picture names with initial consonants; blend  short vowels; form word families  Review sound patterns:  id, at, ot, it, ug, ed, est, ast, ack, ick, uck, Writing: generate ideas; write sentences  Frequent use words:  I, a, the, for, you, like,  to of, no, was, put, said  Comprehension:  Use prior knowledge, answer questions about a story  Listening and speaking

Math: we begin Topic 01: Understanding Addition this week. Students recognize two-part spatial patterns of numbers. They learn how the number of objects in some patterned arrangement of objects can be recognized without counting. Students recognize parts of a number as a strategy for addition. They learn how the numbers 6 and 7 can be broken into parts in different ways Students recognize parts of the number 8. They learn how the number 8 can be broken into parts in different ways.

Science:  The children will be connecting the use of their senses to answering questions.

Social Studies:  We will be working on the definition of community, connecting prior understandings with questions about what a community is.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Parents and Students,

     It is so nice to finally start our first grade year!  I am excited to share classroom news with you each week in this blogspot.  I will also include an overview of the topics and skills we will be working on with this weekly letter. 

     I truly appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many of you at the welcome evening!  The information you shared about your children will help me to get a head start on learning about their wonderful individuality.  Please remember to write down your questions for our next evening gathering, the HSA meeting on September 2nd. 

     Our first week of school will find us getting to know each other, sharing our summer experiences, and learning how to be official first graders.  We will discuss ways to help each other be the best learners possible.  The first lessons will offer our new first graders the opportunity to share all that they learned in kindergarten as we review basic skills before adding new ones.
     The HSA has planned the first St. Augustine Feast Day celebration for the children on Friday, August 28th.  We will attend mass as a school community before enjoying a variety of special activities.  An informational flier is included in the paperwork that either was picked up during our meet and greet last Thursday evening or in your child’s folder that came home today.

May God, with His infinite love, bless each of you this week!

Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade

Religion:  We begin our lessons with a review of the prayers we use most often: The Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.  We’ll also learn the Guardian Angel prayer.

Language Arts:  The children will share the skills they learned in kindergarten, as well as stories about the Superkids as we also move forward with the following work: Phonics work -  sh/ ch/ tch  initial and final position/ pattern words     Vocabulary  memory words: I, my, she, her, he, his Spelling – memory words, plus pattern words from phonics focus     Comprehension skills – use pictures and prior knowledge; complete sentences about a story; monitor comprehension; recognize plot ( problem and solution)   Grammar – understand and use nouns and pronouns      Listening and Speaking – follow oral directions; listen for details in song      Study Skills  - identify and use a table of contents

 Math:  We’ll be working on numbers this week! Writing them, naming them, demonstrating one-to-one correspondence – all in preparation for our first unit: Understanding Addition.

Science and Social Studies:  The children will be challenged to define what the words science and social studies mean. They will share their understanding of a scientist’s work, as well as the work of a historian.

****We will also be meeting the specials teachers this week in our classroom.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dear First Grade Friends and Parents,

     Welcome to First Grade!  We'll be starting our journey together very soon.  I am excited to bring the Superkids' fun adventures to you as we work on reading together.  We'll also enjoy the challenges of first grade math, science, and social studies this year.  My favorite subject is Religion because we are blessed to learn about the Holy Family, Saints, and God's love! 

     We will start school on Monday, August 24th.   I'll be preparing your classroom in the coming weeks and I know you'll be enjoying the wonderful outdoors during the last weeks of summer vacation. I can't wait to see you!

     I am also excited that I will be able to meet with all of the first grade parents at our welcome evening, August 20th, from 5:30 to 6:00 or 6:00 to 6:30.  It would be very helpful if you could bring your child's school supplies with you when you come to school for this special information session!

      Until we can "Leap into Learning" -

     Mrs. Pam Claytor

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dear Parents,

     Happy Memorial Day.  The children were introduced to the concept of service to our country and honoring all those who give freely to keep us safe in this world.  They made connections with the Christians of the early church who worked so hard to help others.  Let’s all take time to thank someone for their sacrifice!
     We are in the process of completing the work of first grade.  It is a joy to see the great progress the children have made in their learning this year.  They not only work very hard, but they also think ahead, making so many connections between their studies and their world. I know you must be as proud of your children as I am!
     We are all the teachers of these beautiful children.  Let us thank the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for teaching us and to grant that our teaching may reflect their presence in our lives.

May God Bless You,
Mrs. Pam Claytor

This Week in First Grade
Religion:  The children are focusing on the needs of others and how they can meet those needs.  They will understand that the Holy Spirit guides us in our service to others.

Language Arts: READING Phonics: Decode words with oo, Associate c with /s/ and g with /j/ , Decode words with soft c and g, Decode trickers with tag-along e   Vocabulary:  Recognize and understand Memory Words live (/liv/), eight, old, hold, write, Recognize story words mystery, library, Mr., Discuss mysteries and libraries, Discuss the idiom “let a joke go too far” , Understand Pattern Words with soft c and g and trickers with tag-along e m   Comprehension: Complete sentences about a story, Generate questions, Recognize plot: Problem and solution, Use pictures, Categorize books by their topics, Associate words and sentences with pictures   Fluency: Read with natural phrasing    LISTENING AND SPEAKING   Discuss how to be a good library patron,   Listen and respond to oral presentation     WRITING   Writing: Publish a story as part of the writing process     SPELLING   Spell Memory Words live (/liv/), eight, old, hold, write, Encode Pattern Words with oo , Encode Pattern Words with soft c and g and trickers with tag-along e    RESEARCH AND STUDY SKILLS  Follow written directions 

Math:  The focus this week is on time: Understanding the Hour and Minute Hands
Students identify the hour and minute hands on a clock and tell time to the hour. They learn that the hour hand tells the hour, and the minute hand tells the number of minutes after the hour. Telling and Writing Time to the Hour
Students tell and write time to the hour using digital and analog clocks. They learn how time to the hour can be shown on an analog clock or on a digital clock and can be written in two ways: __ o'clock or __:00.

Telling and Writing Time to the Half Hour

Students show and tell time to the half hour. They learn that time can be given to the half hour.

Problem Solving: Use Data from a Table

Students read and use a schedule. They learn how, in order to solve some problems, data needs to be selected from a source outside the statement of the problem, like a table.